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Too many projects on my list

My biggest problem is actually staying on one project.  In February I started designing  another quilt based on a block in an antique quilt.

While I really do love hand-sewing this particular block will have to be machine appliquéd if I ever want it made.  As I don’t have EQ or any Patchwork or Quilting software I usually design quilts either the old fashioned way, with pen & paper or I use Adobe PhotoShop or Illustrator.

Working out length of spokes & degree of end

For this new quilt the blocks will be 34 inches with approximately a 15″ border, maybe.  I had this idea on the back-burner until I saw a link to this wonderful graph paper by on another blog.  It just makes evenly dividing a circle a breeze.

I printed it out at A3 size and took it off to the copy shop where they enlarged it up to A1.  This will be take two for this pattern.  Originally I printed it out at A4, drafted it up and then took it to the copy shop. Starting at A4 size was really a silly mistake so next time I would just ask the copy shop to enlarge the grid to A1 or A0 and go from there.   I’ve lengthened the spokes quite a few times to get the look I want but it still isn’t quite right.

I’ve chosen 24 spokes for this design, but perhaps I should have put in another lot of three spokes which might give me the look I’m after.

I have a second pattern in mind using four fabrics and slightly altered length of spokes for a windmill effect.

Anyway having chosen 3 fabrics I’ll get 8 repeats of each.

Two Smithsonian fabrics, a Village Charm by Pat Speth & a Grace's Dowry Shirting for the background

Two of these fabrics are from my Smithsonian stash and the medium blue is a Pat Speth Village Charm.  All together they looked very muted, rather dull really, so I asked Margaret if she could help me find the right background.  When she picked up this fabric she immediately said, there a fair chance that will be disregarded straight away, but when I put the other fabrics on it they all just popped.

Margaret is so fabulous at picking fabrics, I call her my colour consultant.  Mind you I’d only chosen the terracotta & medium blue and Rachel, picked the dark blue floral from my stash.  So Rachel and Margaret have really contributed.

Also floating in the back of my mind is the same pattern but with modern quilt fabrics.  I can imagine it in Kaffe Fassett fabrics on a dark background or some really bright fabrics on a light background.  I’ve promised myself that this year I’m going to make a modern quilt.

I’m not working or studying tomorrow so I’ll actually be able to do some sewing.  So I hope to do at least 2 points of my red & white star quilt.  With all the photos popping up in blogs of the Red & White Quilt exhibition its keeping me keen to finish the quilt as quickly as I can and after my star I’ve got on other quilt top which entails four seams and that top is done.

6 thoughts on “Too many projects on my list

  1. I bookmarked the site for the graph paper for future reference. I am looking forward to seeing what you have designed.

    1. Hi Karen
      I’ve decided it needs 3 more spokes so I’m off to the copy shop to get it printed out again. I don’t know if this is the third or fourth time now. But if I don’t I wont be happy with it. I’ll only start it and then put it aside so might as well do it now. I love your red & white sundial too.

  2. I see you’ve found that wonderful site for all things graphed – hexas, circles (which you can make into dresdens) etc.

    Looking forward to catching up with you soon and seeing all these wonderful quilts you’ve got planned – maybe I’ll make an unexpected visit to Margaret – just let me know when you’ll be there.

    1. Hey Irene
      It’s a really usefully site. Having previously drafted up the pattern, overnight I’ve decided to add some more spokes and go and get it printed up this morning. Margaret get backs after the weekend, I think. I’ll have the odd day off at the moment and the weekends of course so we can catch up then. Look forward to see you get your quilt blog up and running.

      1. I only joined so that I could respond to you but you just never know!! I have a lot of patterns that i could sell on-line – now that Fragrant Cottage is closing down. Of course I will have to get an “expert” to help out and I just might know one!!!

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