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Oops! I accidentally started a new quilt

I don’t know how it happened really, but yesterday I started a new quilt I had no intention of making yet!  When I’m working at my computer I always have a scrapbook or graph pad next to me so I can doodle or sketch ideas as they pop in my head.  Sometimes I look at previous ideas which makes me jump up and go over to my fabrics.  I’m wholly at the mercy of both the doodle and my fabric.

image of bearclaw working
About 5-6 years ago I had a thing for those style of blocks as you can see

The plain red fabric I’m using I’ve had for maybe 17 years.  It’s very stiff, just like when you pick up a really old piece of Marcus Bros or Concord fabric out of your stash.  I had about a metre and a half left from an earlier project and have really designed the quilt around what I could cut from it.  I had to be able to get the setting squares and claws out of it.

image of bearclaw quilt
20 blocks done in one night! Only 28 left to go.

I’m one of those unfortunates that doesn’t have EQ anything so I draft up patterns the old-fashioned way, or use Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop and then utilise various online calculators to help me such as:

Quilt Yardage Calculator –

and another is from

Quilters Paradise –

The quilt will be on point as you can see, and I’ve decide it will be 7 x 7.  I really didn’t need another half done project cluttering up my studio/office.  Now if only the weather would cool down again I could get it finished.  Today was 35C with a hot northerly wind which where we live is bushfire weather.  I’m really envying those of you in the northern hemisphere right now.  Here’s looking forward to Tuesday.


7 thoughts on “Oops! I accidentally started a new quilt

  1. I like how this is quilt is coming together. I work the same way although I usually end up with doodles on the backs of envelopes and other scraps of paper. I’m off to check the math links next.

    1. Thanks Ann Marie. Before I put it all together I’ll lay it and photograph it and then I turn it to black and white to look at the light/medium/dark placement. I notice you accidentally discovered that in your last post. I never thought to do a post about that even though I ‘took the process pledge’, perhaps when I get to that stage I’ll post about it.

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