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It’s never too late . . .

to turn a quilt top into a quilt.  Until a top is quilted, it’s just a top.  The other day I picked up my very first, rotary cut, machine pieced quilt top from Margaret.  It’s journey had spanned 17+ years, and too many homes to count as a top.

A few weeks ago I found it in a scrunched up ball sitting in a small paper waste bin and decided it was time to give it a purpose.

image of house quilt front
House quilt

That’s my eldest son, now 20+, holding up the quilt for me to take a quick piccy, and he used to use this top as part of his cubby building in the lounge.

So what to back it with?  I knew I wasn’t going to spend money buying backing fabric, so I dug out some fabrics I had decided to donate and pieced them into a backing.

When Margaret saw the backing, well, words failed her!  The back is made from fabric that nowadays I wouldn’t buy in a pink fit.  The scary thing was I had enough to actually make a backing.

image of house quilt back
Well so much for me being a Repro Girl!

But looking at the front of the quilt is fun.  I loved those Red Wagon Plaids, and recently used some to piece some Ohio Stars for my Chilli & Chocolate quilt.  This quilt is a little bit of a quilt fabric history tour of the mid 1990s.

So I’ll make a label with the quilts story, attach it and bind the quilt in a nice red I think.  And thankyou Margaret for quilting it and turning it into an actual quilt.


ps WordPress just told me this is my 50th post!

4 thoughts on “It’s never too late . . .

  1. yes never too late, I must blog about that log cabin of mine but I think your houses are easily five years older. it looks great and it was a pleasure to quilt…next please 🙂

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