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Finally a design wall

Up until this afternoon I’ve never had a design wall.  So for me it was laying everything down on the ground, getting my little step stool, isn’t Ikea great? and taking a photo to get some perspective on what I’m doing.

image of charlie on stool
Charlie demonstrating the Ikea Stool use. All my cats love it!

What I wanted in a design wall was something I could easily organise myself, so off to Spotlight, a fabric & homewares store here in Australia, I went, thinking I’d grab some cheap synthetic batting, but I was lucky enough to be served by the lovely Annabel, who sometimes helps out at our local quilt shop.

After explaining to Annabel what I was considering she soon put me on the right track by suggesting using polar fleece, it’s was exactly the right width and all up cost six dollars rather than $$$ that I was likely to spend on the batting available.  But the best thing is the blocks just stick to it.  I’ve already trialled it and if I want to put a quilt top up it copes with pins just fine, much better than the batting would have, much more durable because its a knitted fabric, and if it gets dirty I can just put it through the wash.  Its been hemmed and put on its rod which is hung from the picture rail.  I used this quilt to see how it would hold up.  Even when I took out the pins it didn’t fall off. 🙂

image of texas rose baskets quilt
I popped this up to try and motivate me to sew those last five seams! by machine no less.

Margaret & Irene have skyped me a few times over the last week when they’ve been able, apparently the wifi access hasn’t been very good, however they’ve been to the DAR, the Smithsonian and Winterthur so I expect when they get back they’ll do some proper blogging about the trip complete with photos, I know they’ve got lots to show & tell.  Margaret has updated her FB page once or twice and the intrepid travellers have only got just over a week before they’re due to fly back home.  Oops speak of the devil and there they are on skype again!

Okay that was Margaret and Irene, they’re just about to leave Wilmington.  They have had a car, Margaret reckons ‘the beltway’? in DC was easy, whatever that means.  Anyway the pair of them have asked me to jump on their respective blogs and do a guest post so now I’m off to Irene’s & Margaret’s blogs to write and post!

Okay it’s now 3.50am and I definitely need to go to bed, I can barely cope with my own blog never mind those two gadabouts.

And that was over a week ago and I never got back to my own blogpost!

Last Thursday I was able to go to Mill Rose Cottage for there Sit n Sew.  While there Gudren asked me what was in those earlier packages.

Thursday Sit n Sew
image of margokragerfabrics
Some lovely older Margo Krager fabrics


And some more vintage fabric, most of it is nearly 20 years old.

And while I was up in Bendigo getting the fabric for my design wall I also grabbed these.

I just love the colour and pattern of those top two fabrics.

And I’ve been busy on an old project as well

Started in 1995 maybe.

I’m going to put another small resting border and then who knows.

I best get a move on, time to do some work.



9 thoughts on “Finally a design wall

  1. The quilt on the design wall is wonderful, wonderful. The baskets look like they would have been very time consuming.
    The second quilt you are working on looks very similar to an early applique block I did. I still have not done anything with it. My applique has much improved since I made it.

    1. Thanks Karen, the baskets look more time consuming than they really are. I made strips of bias and applied them with basting glue so it was quick up and down sewing. That Baltimore block was the very first applique I ever did. I was going to make it bigger but I quite like it as it is, we’ll see what happens.

  2. Hello Jenn. I feel like I know you after hearing so much about you from Irene and Margaret when we spent the day together in Lowell, Mass. You must stay up all night to do your own blog, Margaret’s blog (the technical end) and give Irene lessons via Skype! Happy to find your blog and I love the baskets up on that new design wall.

    1. Hi Marsha, Margaret & Irene are a very good excuse to not have blogged for over a month! Those baskets are finally finished and I must drop them off to Margaret so she can quilt that top.

    1. do you mean the fabrics in this photo

      https://5foot1quilts.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/jewellfabrics.jpg – the photos are clickable to make larger.

      if so they aren’t a brand name fabric, from memory the label said they were printed in Pakistan. There’s nothing on the selvedge and the actually printing of the pattern is of first quality but the pattern and colours were just irresistible to me. I found them in Spotlight!

      if you mean the purple ones, then they are old Baum Textiles fabrics that I’ve found somewhere. Those ones might be from my friend Sherry in Texas. I’ve been on a bit of a buying spree of old fabrics. 🙂

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