Quilt Retreat at Heathcote

Last weekend I attended my first Quilt Retreat with Goldfield Quilters.  I can’t say that I got much sewing done but I did get to have lots of fun, a glass of red wine or two, and at least one sugar induced headache!  We had a dress-up and many a Hollywood identity attended.

There was Annie Oakley, one of the Blues Brothers, Po the Panda, Princess Fiona, Dorothy, Chris Everett, Cinderella, Vincent Vega, Mary Poppins and ‘Quilter’ Tarantino with video camera.  Alas I cannot put any of the video up as many of these characters daytime alter egos wouldn’t want to be identified.  However, Vince danced and what a sight that was. Mary twirled, Annie fired her shotgun, Princess Fiona was quite the poet, Cinderella showed off her gorgeous slippers and a lot of leg!  Po attempted to keep us all in line, particularly Vince, while playing an uproarious ‘Pass the Parcel’ but was entirely unsuccessful.

'Quilter' Tarantino
Rose brought some show and tell
Rose gets some clamshells sewn
Margaret's reproduction Astericks blocks & Alison's Australiana Windows quilt
Margaret shows off her bag

I managed to sew and attach the first border for my Baltimore Appliqué block so I’ll take a photo of that in the next few days and post it.  I’m rather proud of that border as it took quite some doing to cut it out and sew it.  You’ll understand when you see it.

Well I’ve had a very busy day today and I’ll tell you about that soon.



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