May 2010 Applique Society meeting

Yesterday was the May meeting for our Central Victoria Chapter of  TAS.  Linda Collins & Bev Bannard were guest speakers and they brought the most beautiful quilts to show us. Just fabulous.

Linda Collins, of Quilts in the Barn fame, brought some of her personal collection of antique quilts as well as her own creations.  One of my favourites was a Turkey Track pattern with a cheddar background.

Antique Turkey Tracks quilt belonging to Linda Collins

Another favourite of mine was a beautiful Princess Feather quilt. I think the next quilt I let myself start just might be based on this unusually voluptuous Princess Feather appliqué quilt.

Antique Princess Feather quilt belonging to Linda Collins

I just loved this quilt in Reds, Creams & Blacks.

Red, Black & Cream Quilt by Linda Collins

And last but not least this amazing unfinished Baltimore Appliqué style quilt.  Linda has used only 3 colours and 2 shades in each colour including the background and it was stunning. The photo doesn’t do it justice unfortunately. The designs of the blocks are exceptional. Really well balanced from a design perspective.

Linda Collins Applique quilt

Finally some photos on my blog.  Thanks go to my friend, Margaret of Quilt Station, another TAS member who let me have some photos she took on the day.

Ciao for now

Nearly Winter!

Well it’s more than half way through May and this is only my fourth post and only one image.  I’m working on 6 quilts at the moment.

  • A Robyn Falloon medallion quilt I started around 2000 – Needleturn applique
Medallion Quilt with Smithsonian fabric
  • A Flying Geese quilt started in 2006 at Threadbear, and still missing in action while moving house – freezer paper foundation piecing
  • Michelle Yeo’s Abbeville County Quilt – hand piecing & freezer paper foundation piecing
  • My William Morris quilt, I’ve named Acanthus  – a feathered star medallion with broderie perse and machine piecing, and lastly
  • a rotary cut & machine pieced scrap quilt from the Old Maid’s Puzzle block pattern that I had forgotten about.

I’d forgotten entirely about the quilt I’m currently spending all my time on at the moment. I started it around 2007 with no real plan in mind and then put it away.  It’s  12″ blocks of Crosses and Losses / Old Maids Puzzle pattern. I’ve decided to set them on point with setting squares.  I’ve chosen the fabric for the setting squares and picked up a little more blue & dark red fabric today, as I need 25 blocks and I’ve only got 16 done so far.

Modern bright fabrics and quilts

These types of fabrics are normally not my style but I recently started frequenting a local shop that stocks some of these fabrics.  When I needed to make a quick cot quilt/floor rug for a distant ex-inlaw cousin, thats a mouthful, I decided to branch out from my comfort zone and use some of these fabrics.

I used a Moda charm pack reminiscent of the 1970’s.  Well its almost entirely quilted. I’m going to bind it entirely by machine take a quick photo and send it off as its already really late.

I just remembered my quilting blog!

Its been almost three months since I started this blog and I haven’t done anything.  Well not true, I have been working on two quilts.

I’ve finished the centre, a feathered star, of my Acanthus quilt made from mainly Morris Workshop fabrics by Barbara Brackman for Moda.  This is a ‘design as I go’ quilt.  I am trying to develop an English Medallion feel. This next border is made up of square in a square blocks interspersed with some Broderie Perse blocks.

I’ll put up some images of it soon.

The other quilt is a quick top made up from large 10″ squares of 1930s fabrics.  It’s yet to go to the quilters, but I’m thinking of using bamboo wadding.  I just love bamboo it washes up so beautifully.  I have bamboo towels, a beautiful skirt made from bamboo and I’m collecting bamboo fabrics to make a quilt from.

My new quilting blog

Well I’ve been thinking about it for awhile and now its fact. I’ve been quilting for over 15 years and have never had a quilt blog so this is where I will put up photos and descriptions of past and present projects like a current project I call Acanthus, made from the latest release of William Morris fabrics.