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Basket of Flowers quilt

I’ve been working on a new project, my Basket of Flowers quilt,  intermittently.  It’s based on a quilt held at the Sam Houston Park, Houston, of course.  I saw an image of this quilt on Sue Garman’s blog and decided I just had to make a quilt based on the blocks in this quilt.

I’ve never made a red & green quilt before, and this one isn’t turning out quite how I envisaged it.  Of course, that’s because originally I was going to make it with the reds & greens from my Smithsonian stash.  I decided I would do a test block, now of course I’ve making four blocks, all with the same fabric for the basket & different greens for the stems, buds & leaves and I’ll use different reds for each block as well.

It will probably end up with a couple of red dogtooth borders, perhaps.  I’m a design as I go quilter.

Anyway, I contacted The Heritage Society by email and I couldn’t praise them enough for their help and generosity.  They sent me lots of photos of the quilt and the quilting as well as the dimensions of the blocks and borders and the history of this gorgeous quilt.  The maker of this quilt was 12 years old.

(Forgive the low quality images, I haven’t got a decent camera at the moment & the colours aren’t very accurate)


These blocks I’m making at present are 20″ wide and as you can see from the images are set on point.  I’ve made two size patterns and I thinks when I do get around to making my Smithsonian version I’ll use the larger size.  Time to go do the washing, mow the lawn and cook the roast lamb before I get to cut out the leaves. I want to get this block finished by next weekend.



6 thoughts on “Basket of Flowers quilt

  1. well this is a quilt I would love to make too…just beautiful!!!!
    if you read my latest post there is nothing like red and green quilts in my book!
    Looking forward to seeing more progress soon. How lucky you are to have a Smithsonian stash. I am collecting for a solid stash so If I was lucky enough to make this quilt I would use red and green solids just like the original.

    1. Thanks Kathie
      Originally this was just going to be a “test” block so it’s ended up being a little darker in shade. I’ve got some beautiful Smithsonian greens which have that light feel that the original seems to have. I’ll give this quilt away when I finally finish it.
      I expect that the original quilt has faded of course, as reds and greens often did. It was made in 1857 and the original photos show a little bit of wear.
      I read your post today about Red & Green quilts which motivated me to blog today. I’ll post a photo of the finished block as soon as I finish.

      1. your going to give this quilt away when your finished!!!!!
        let me send you my address!!!
        I didn’t realize you were answering the posts on your blog.

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