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A busy start . . .

to 2012.  The unseasonably cool weather we’ve been having in Victoria has enabled me to spend some time in my studio, and so far in the first 2 weeks I’ve sent 4 quilts off to Margaret to be quilted.

Now, they’re not exciting quilts, they’re what I call Utility quilts.  Quilts to use everyday, that can be thrown into the washing machine and thrown over a clothes horse, let the cats sit on, etc…

I’ll post some photos of them when I get them back.   I’ve also organised the binding for a quilt I finished back in July and just folded up and put in the cupboard.

image of mexican rose quilt
a rather crumpled quilt from being folded up for 6 months

It’s a lovely little quilt and when I took it off to Margaret to get quilted we noticed I’d left a petal off it so rather that take it home I said ‘just quilt it’ and so Margaret quilted in the lost petal.

image of mexican rose quilt
I just love that quilted petal

The quilted-in petal is in the top left.  I need to sew on 4 little red circles as well as think of a name for this quilt.

Next is my red & white star quilt, the one in the header.  I’ve finished the centre and attached the setting squares and triangles a little while ago.

image of red & white lonestar quilt
just a border to go

Yesterday I took it out again and decided I want to add a little border made up of the left over red diamonds cut into triangles.  I’ve already got the backing so I hope to get it finished by the end of the week and drop it off to Margaret.

Just about every quilt is at the machine piecing stage except for the borders of my Sunflowers & Willows quilt.  Here’s a look at one of the borders which still needs the frill around the circle to be done as well as the appliqued edge.  I’m sort of saving the applique for sewing under the air-conditioner when we finally get really hot weather, which we will!  February & March are always hot.

image of sunflowers & willows border
I'm missing my frilly bits!

Once I’ve got all these done I can start my new basket quilt in the Kaffe Fassett fabrics I bought back in December.  I’ve already cut out 16 baskets, prepped and ready to.

Well it’s time to stock up on some essential shopping and I leave you with a piccy of my very naughty cat, Charlie.

image of charlie the cat on the bench
I couldn't find a quilt to sleep on

4 thoughts on “A busy start . . .

  1. I had to study the picture to find the missing petal. It is funny what we can miss even with studying and studying something while we are working on a quilt.

    I have a quilt that has needed the binding for a year now. I draped it over a quilt rack and it has become part of the scenery. I just never think about taking it into the sewing room to start the binding process.

    1. It was another friend who was there at the time that spotted the missing petal, straight away as they had never seen the quilt before! I’ll just be glad to finish it which I’ll do today. I have another quilt made 15 years ago that is our most used and abused quilt, and its never been bound!

  2. Oh, I love these kinds of stories! As a quilt historian, I have heard so many people try to speculate and come up with a story about why a quilter did a “quirky” thing. 100 years from now someone will stumble across your quilt and the speculation will begin…unless you print up your story on fabric and add it to the back of the quilt!

    1. I actually have a name for the quilt now, but not one that can be mentioned in polite society. So when I have a polite name I will print it up. When I’m at a quilt history event we always wish we knew what the quiltmaker was thinking.

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