A retreat of my own

Both Margaret and Irene are at different quilt guild retreats this weekend, but I have virtuously stayed home to work.  Just as well Irene’s retreat was up here at Castlemaine, giving us the chance to meet up for lunch and a chat before she went back to sew and I went back to work. Well maybe I played hookey from the computer and I’ve been doing a little quiltmaking instead.  Shush don’t tell. I’m supposed to be working, really!

So while both of them are having lovely eats, going out wining & dining, I decided so would I.  Here’s my dinner, leftover garlic pizza.

Not the same really is it?

Actually I’ve really enjoyed being at home by myself.  I very rarely get the chance to be in the house by myself and never in the evenings, so lovely and peaceful. Anyway I’m busy trying to finish this quilt.

image of sunflowers & willowsI’ve only got the border to do so this week I joined up some strips of scrappy fabrics and tacked them down almost like a frame, ready to applique into scallop shapes.

Tracing the applique line with my rough template

So tonight I’ve marked the scallops with the template I made up and now it’s time to start with the needle-turning. If you click on the image you’ll get a better view and see the scallop edge to be.

A close-up, sorry about the blurry photo

It’s so close to being finished so I’ve been good and put down the new quilt I’ve been making, to finish this one.  I showed a snippet of this new quilt in my last post.  Anyway time for bed, as I really do have to get some work done tomorrow.

On the hunt for a new sewing machine

image of sunflower willow quilt

and I’m looking at the Husqvarna 835, which has the longer arm which would be nice. Does anyone have one?  The other machine I’m considering is the Bernina 330, which also has exactly the stitch I want, an adjustable, single, vertical stitch, blanket-stitch, and both machines are around the same price.  I’d love to hear your opinions on these machines.

It’s going to be very quiet around these parts with Margaret flying out to the US this morning.  I’ve sent our very good friend Irene Blanck, a local applique superstar in these parts, with her to keep her out trouble! 🙂

The girls are off to Paducah and then the east coast so if you get the chance to catch up with them grab it, they’re lots of fun!  Both Margaret & Irene are intending to blog, and Margaret is going to use her new Facebook page to keep us updated on their shenanigans as well.

I’m fast finishing a new quilt I’ve been doing, Sunflowers & Willows, most of the applique is done, and it’s almost time to attach the borders and then the last border appliqued on.  The last applique will be on the outside edge, scalloped, similar to the frills around the flowers just a bit bigger, not so fine.

I started this as a bit of an excuse to get rid of the fabrics I’ve used in the background and went from there.  It’s got at least two, no make that three, fabrics from Margaret’s stash.

image of sunflower willow quilt
I've called it Sunflowers & Willows.

I need to get it finished as I just busting to start another new quilt I’ve designed and have chosen nearly all the fabrics.  Remember my search for some gold fabric awhile ago? well I ended up with about 3 metres and here’s me doing a little planning.

image of lincoln gold fabric
Photocopying the fabric

Yes, sometimes I photocopy the fabric if I’m not sure of a combination or want to do a quick mockup without cutting into my precious fabric.

And I took another quilt out to try and get a half decent photo of it but little joy as my camera really doesn’t want to play nice.

image of rose dance quilt
Rose Dance on the grass

Well it’s time to go, Margaret has left me some homework, ie blocks from our Red & White version of her Maltaville, I’m not complaining, it was my idea after all!