A day at Jeff’s Shed

No sleeping in this Sunday past. Tracey, Margaret and I left Elphinstone at 9 to get Margaret to her Quilt Angel duty for Vic Quilters on time.

As usual it was amazingly busy, so many stands with so many tempting fabrics. A couple of my favourites would be, BE BE BOLD, Needles and Pins and of course Threadbear.  This time I was very restrained and barely spent any money, only 1 piece of fabric, from Needles and Pins of Warrandyte, this beautiful, bright cheddar coloured fabric and a new 60 mm sized rotary cutter, which has become a necessity.

Bright cheddar floral

It was also exciting to see quilts belonging to a couple of lovely ladies I know in the Vic Quilters exhibition.

I also really loved the bright, modern style quilts at the exhibition.  Here are some snippets of two that caught my eye.

King David Crown by Karen Terrens

I think this one won a prize for quilting. Well it was just gorgeous.

UPDATE:  The above quilt was made and quilted by Karen of Quilts on Bastings.  Another of Karens quilts, Crop Circles, which I also saw at Vic Quilters is a truly beautiful example of modern quilting.

I love England by Maddy Clark

This amazing quilt, was by a secondary school student, I think, Maddy Clark.

I also loved the Winding Ways quilts exhibition. I’d love to do one myself someday.  Anyway time to go and sort out my Chrome & Cheddar Yellows. 🙂


Geese Crossing found

Having found my lost project, “Geese Crossing” I’m keen to get it moving again, so last night I ran up some new freezer paper templates. As mentioned in a previous post, up until I learned the freezer paper foundation piecing method, I just couldn’t see any reason I’d be interested in foundation piecing.  I’ve seen other quilters ripping away scraps of paper, and I just wince at the stress put on the stitching or other quilters laboriously drawing up log cabin blocks on fine interfacing and would sooner give up patchworking than use those methods.

With this method you roughly cut out a photocopy of the foundation block, cut as many pieces of freezer paper as required to the same size and pin or staple them together with the photocopy on top.  Using an old sewing machine needle & your UNTHREADED BOBBINLESS machine sew over the seam lines and voila you get your freezer paper templates, four or more at a time.

Freezer paper template

I’ll post some completed foundation pieces up later, now it’s time to actually cut, sew & iron. 🙂


Exploring different types of Batting


In the last few months I’ve been researching Bamboo batting. I’ve seen it in one quilt and have decided that my next few quilts will have Bamboo in them. Why? Partly because it will be better for the environment.  The growing and processing of cotton is very environmentally unfriendly and I use plenty of it in my patchwork.

The virtues of bamboo are many.  It’s like a weed in that grows without any or at least little attention, uses little water and, commercially, pesticides aren’t needed.  It’s amazingly soft and flexible, has amazing water wicking properties, as well as having natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and more importantly for my quilt usage it’s cool in summer and warm in winter and doesn’t loose its softness and flexibility if heavily quilted.

Before going down this Bamboo in my quilts road, I have been trialling the use of bamboo in everyday products. I’ve got half a dozen bamboo towels, they wash up brilliantly, are amazingly soft and absorb water like you can’t believe.  As well I’ve bought some bamboo throws from Pure Zone and one lonely bamboo singlet. All amazing soft, flexible and well-used.

So on Friday night after work I popped in to the city, Melbourne, to grab a eReader, a Kobo, from Angus & Robertson and on the way back I dropped into Lincraft to look at what, if any, Bamboo batting they had.

They had the “Sew Easy 100% Bamboo Batting – 254 cm wide, precut” as well as a cot size, all pre-packaged. I think I’ve seen Bamboo batting at Spotlight as well.  I haven’t seen it at any quilt shops so far, but I know that it’s available on the roll because I’ve seen it pre-packaged as Matilda’s Own from Victorian Textiles.

While searching for bamboo batting I also came across Soybean & Cotton mix batting. Haven’t been able to find out much about it however some suggestions are that it is longer lasting than other fibres. Here’s a link to Hancock’s of Paducah with regard to Soy-Cotton batting by Moda.


Now I’m off to clean up my sewing room as my friend who likes to pack and clean up is coming to visit tomorrow. Yikes I’d hate for her to venture in there with the cleaning bug I’d never find any of my projects.

ciao for now


Lost project Found!

I’m so happy! I’ve found a lost project. 18 months ago I was moving house and a friend came to visit a week before. So she packed up my very messy room, and started with my sewing table and a quilt in various pieces scattered everywhere.  She’s NOT a quilter, nor a sewer.

While setting up my sewing room a year ago I found all the pieces EXCEPT the 6 complete 20″ blocks that make up this 9 block quilt.  My sons were amazed that she lived to tell the tale, or was ever allowed back to visit. That visit I think was the one where she also broke one of my prized depression green glass bowls, one of the rare perfect ones with no scratches, no seams that I had picked up at the local op shop for $10, worth about $150.

Flying geese centre star

I’d essentially given up on ever see these blocks again and envisioned them at the local tip, stuffed in an old shopping bag and somehow tossed out as rubbish. 🙁

Where were they found, in a box, under a desk in my sons room that I cleaned up on Sunday! I think that was the Fates present merely for entering that stinky room.

Anyway about the quilt, it’s a 85″  square flying geese quilt where I learnt to do my very first ever foundation piecing using freezer paper. So easy. The pattern is by Margaret @ Quilt Station.  Up until this quilt I’d never been interested in foundation piecing as I didn’t like the idea of using paper or interfacing, but I love using freezer paper. Since then I’ve done another quilt that uses the freezer paper method, Abbeville County, which uses freezer paper for the arcs.

Abbeville County arcs

Ciao for now

Too many things to do, too little organisation!

I currently have too many things on my To do list and I’m not attempting any of them.

Sewing list

  • make liners for 2 laundry hampers

Patterns list

  • finish & write up pattern for new flower basket quilt
  • scan pattern for Candlewick bedspread from book. DONE


  • scan picture of quilt in same book. DONE
  • take photo different quilt in same book

Actual Patchwork

  • finish & attach borders for the flower vase medallion quilt
  • finish & attach borders for another 4patch flower medallion quilt
  • cut out and sew up arcs to backgrounds for my Abbeville County quilt
  • CLEAN UP SEWING ROOM its soooooo bad I can’t move in there


  • add to finished quilts page. DONE

Paint new, to me, wardrobe

  • go to local hardware and get paint for inside
  • get Porter’s paint for outside wardrobe
  • get some wooden decals or moulding of some type to jazz up wardrobe before painting

While I’m writing this list I’ve decided to multi-task and actually do some of these things!

also, have bacon & tomato Sunday brunch @ 1.30pm. DONE

and The Process Pledge

I came across this blog in the last week and in a synchronistic moment my friend Margaret at Quilt Station mentioned she had taken ‘The Process Pledge‘ so I decided to sign-up as well, as this blog will definitely be more about the journey than the destination considering the time it takes me to complete projects.

The Process Pledge

I pledge to talk more about my processes, even when I can’t quite put them in words or be sure I’m being totally clear.   I’m going to put my thinking and my gut feelings out there.

While so far I have only made traditional style quilts apart from one lonely cot quilt I am becoming interested in the modern quilt movement.  I do have vague plans to make a quilt/coverlet from fabric that I’m going to print with some of my lino print blocks.


New Projects

In the last 18 months I’ve tried not to start any new projects, but to finish the ones I already had on the go.  Amazingly,  I’ve only broken that rule once, for a cot quilt.

This hasn’t stopped me from collecting the materials etc for the new ideas that pop into my head though.  One of these ready to go projects is my version of a Princess Feather quilt using a fabric from the Grande Teint fabric range from last year.  The ‘feathers’ are all cut out, roughly, and a few months ago I found about 4 yards (approx 3.50 metres) of RJR Smithsonian fabric, the dark green ‘The Grooms Quilt’,  for the background on Etsy. A lady was clearing out her fabric stash and it was ridiculously cheap.

Princess Feather project to be

This would be about the third lot of fabric I’ve bought for the background. I looked everywhere for a red and couldn’t find anything I like, tried two different paler fabric but it just didn’t have the rich impact that I’m hoping this will have.

I’ll possibly be using a buttonhole stitch as averse to a blanket stitch, as I like the texture of the ridge that you get from the buttonhole stitch.

Buttonhole stitch example

The image above was a quick test of two different buttonhole stitches, I did at Goldfields Quilters last Wednesday. You can just see the ridge/knot that’s formed as you sew.  I have to decide if in fact I will Broderie Perse this quilt or do traditional needle-turn.

I’ve got 12 Broderie Perse blocks (small) to do on my Feathered Star Medallion quilt so by the time I’ve finished that I guess I’ll know what I want to do.


Crosses & Losses quilt

I’ve got all my blocks for this quilt done, cut all the setting squares & triangles and now its setting them out before I sew it all together.

Crosses & Losses

I’ll probably do a dark red or blue binding when its time.

Quilt Station

I spent the afternoon helping my friend Margaret get her new website up and running. Margaret’s been quilting for a long time and has in the last few years set up her long-arm quilting business.  Always good to know a professional quilter, especially someone who lives so close by.

Last year she quilted two of my quilts and I’ve got at least three more that need to be sent off to her before the year’s out.

Today I got 5 blocks of my Crosses & Losses quilt done, so I only need to do two more and I can put the whole top together.

Playing instead of working

I’ve just taken a Wordle of my blog.  Wordle creates an image from a blog or website from the words it finds on that site. So here is my image from today. You have a choice of fonts and colours and direction.  As a devotee of the written word and a web developer I love to play with words, and this is a quick fix, like junk food.

My May Wordle