All the Usual Suspects

image of Janet O'Dell crib quilt

were to be found at the An Moonen lecture on the history of Dutch Quilts & Textiles yesterday.  This wonderful lecture was a Victorian Quilt Study Group event organised by their Convener, Janet O’Dell.  Without Janet this would not have happened, so Thank You, Janet.

image of An Moonen
An Moonen takes a photo of the 80 plus attendees

After An’s talk we had a lovely afternoon tea and had the chance to chat with old and new friends, and the opportunity to look at some of Janet O’Dell’s beautiful old quilts

image of Janet O'Dell crib quilt
Antique Crib quilt belonging to Janet O'Dell. I want some of that gorgeous bright blue fabric.

Unbeknownst to Janet this Crib quilt is actually a Antique Dutch quilt, not English as Janet believed.  Whilst looking at it An found a small triangle of Indian Chintz which clearly marks it as Dutch.   It was apparently illegal for the English to have Indian Chintz.

image of Janet O'Dell quilt
Another of Janet's Antique quilts, this one really is English
image of Janet O'Dell hexagon quilt
One of Janet's many beautiful hexagon quilts. Note the fringe at the bottom.

We also were asked to bring any quilts for either made from Dutch Chintz or inspired by the quilts in An’s book.

I brought along my quilt, 'Timely', I made last year after buying An's book.

The above quilt is now at Margaret’s, who is now inspired with entirely different ideas of how she will quilt it.

During a quick chat with An, she insisted that I bind my quilt in the traditional manner, turning in both the front and back and stitching them together, almost with a ladder stitch, to compliment the work I’ve already done.  That is going to be a new and challenging skill to learn.

image of An Moonen book
My much read copy of An's book

I’ll be back soon with another post with photos of some show n tell from Kaye.  It’s time for bed.



A busy start . . .

to 2012.  The unseasonably cool weather we’ve been having in Victoria has enabled me to spend some time in my studio, and so far in the first 2 weeks I’ve sent 4 quilts off to Margaret to be quilted.

Now, they’re not exciting quilts, they’re what I call Utility quilts.  Quilts to use everyday, that can be thrown into the washing machine and thrown over a clothes horse, let the cats sit on, etc…

I’ll post some photos of them when I get them back.   I’ve also organised the binding for a quilt I finished back in July and just folded up and put in the cupboard.

image of mexican rose quilt
a rather crumpled quilt from being folded up for 6 months

It’s a lovely little quilt and when I took it off to Margaret to get quilted we noticed I’d left a petal off it so rather that take it home I said ‘just quilt it’ and so Margaret quilted in the lost petal.

image of mexican rose quilt
I just love that quilted petal

The quilted-in petal is in the top left.  I need to sew on 4 little red circles as well as think of a name for this quilt.

Next is my red & white star quilt, the one in the header.  I’ve finished the centre and attached the setting squares and triangles a little while ago.

image of red & white lonestar quilt
just a border to go

Yesterday I took it out again and decided I want to add a little border made up of the left over red diamonds cut into triangles.  I’ve already got the backing so I hope to get it finished by the end of the week and drop it off to Margaret.

Just about every quilt is at the machine piecing stage except for the borders of my Sunflowers & Willows quilt.  Here’s a look at one of the borders which still needs the frill around the circle to be done as well as the appliqued edge.  I’m sort of saving the applique for sewing under the air-conditioner when we finally get really hot weather, which we will!  February & March are always hot.

image of sunflowers & willows border
I'm missing my frilly bits!

Once I’ve got all these done I can start my new basket quilt in the Kaffe Fassett fabrics I bought back in December.  I’ve already cut out 16 baskets, prepped and ready to.

Well it’s time to stock up on some essential shopping and I leave you with a piccy of my very naughty cat, Charlie.

image of charlie the cat on the bench
I couldn't find a quilt to sleep on

Sewing machine in reverse!

Just a quick update on what I’ve been up to.  When I started moving rooms during Easter all machine sewing got put aside and that meant my not quite finished red & white star quilt which I started in March.  I also left my sewing machine on the table it was on plugged in as if I had just gotten up to have a cuppa.  I don’t think my 20 year old Janome machine appreciates being left on a table and ignored.

I’m just finishing up the last two points and need to get some more background fabric for the setting squares & triangles.  I didn’t grab enough when I originally started the quilt so I popped down to Threadbear today but they didn’t have any of the Kona I’m using, fortunately they’re only four streets away, so I’ll either have to wait til some more comes in or choose a different fabric which I’m fairly certain will take it away from being a red & white quilt to red, white and green quilt

Anyway here is a quick pic of it lying on the floor earlier today with one row missing as its on the sewing table.  I tried out some fabrics from my stash for backgrounds and was really drawn to the greens but I really do want this to be a red and white quilt.

image of red & white star quilt
Red & White star quilt

And here is the block I made for the Quilts in the Barn Jo Morton fabric raffle quilt, minus my signature and this before my machine decided to stay in reverse until a quick visit to the sewing machine repair man.   The main fabric is an older one, perhaps four or five years old.  I think it’s from Jo’s Caramels?  Finding a neutral was a little harder and my signature when I did it doesn’t stand out very well.  Have a look at some of Linda’s posts to see all the lovely blocks she has received from quilters all around the world

image of jo morton signature block
My block for the Quilts in the Barn raffle quilt

Janome machines can have a sticky reverse, apparently.  I can’t complain as my machine is 20 years old and really has given great service.  I’m very fond of it and haven’t been in any hurry to get a new one but perhaps that day is getting closer.



Geese Crossing found

Having found my lost project, “Geese Crossing” I’m keen to get it moving again, so last night I ran up some new freezer paper templates. As mentioned in a previous post, up until I learned the freezer paper foundation piecing method, I just couldn’t see any reason I’d be interested in foundation piecing.  I’ve seen other quilters ripping away scraps of paper, and I just wince at the stress put on the stitching or other quilters laboriously drawing up log cabin blocks on fine interfacing and would sooner give up patchworking than use those methods.

With this method you roughly cut out a photocopy of the foundation block, cut as many pieces of freezer paper as required to the same size and pin or staple them together with the photocopy on top.  Using an old sewing machine needle & your UNTHREADED BOBBINLESS machine sew over the seam lines and voila you get your freezer paper templates, four or more at a time.

Freezer paper template

I’ll post some completed foundation pieces up later, now it’s time to actually cut, sew & iron. 🙂


Crosses & Losses quilt

I’ve got all my blocks for this quilt done, cut all the setting squares & triangles and now its setting them out before I sew it all together.

Crosses & Losses

I’ll probably do a dark red or blue binding when its time.

Quilt Station

I spent the afternoon helping my friend Margaret get her new website up and running. Margaret’s been quilting for a long time and has in the last few years set up her long-arm quilting business.  Always good to know a professional quilter, especially someone who lives so close by.

Last year she quilted two of my quilts and I’ve got at least three more that need to be sent off to her before the year’s out.

Today I got 5 blocks of my Crosses & Losses quilt done, so I only need to do two more and I can put the whole top together.

Nearly Winter!

Well it’s more than half way through May and this is only my fourth post and only one image.  I’m working on 6 quilts at the moment.

  • A Robyn Falloon medallion quilt I started around 2000 – Needleturn applique
Medallion Quilt with Smithsonian fabric
  • A Flying Geese quilt started in 2006 at Threadbear, and still missing in action while moving house – freezer paper foundation piecing
  • Michelle Yeo’s Abbeville County Quilt – hand piecing & freezer paper foundation piecing
  • My William Morris quilt, I’ve named Acanthus  – a feathered star medallion with broderie perse and machine piecing, and lastly
  • a rotary cut & machine pieced scrap quilt from the Old Maid’s Puzzle block pattern that I had forgotten about.

I’d forgotten entirely about the quilt I’m currently spending all my time on at the moment. I started it around 2007 with no real plan in mind and then put it away.  It’s  12″ blocks of Crosses and Losses / Old Maids Puzzle pattern. I’ve decided to set them on point with setting squares.  I’ve chosen the fabric for the setting squares and picked up a little more blue & dark red fabric today, as I need 25 blocks and I’ve only got 16 done so far.