Touchdown in San Antonio

Margaret and I landed in San Antonio on Monday evening after an eventful trip.  Melbourne to Sydney was the first leg of the journey and the highlight of that was a dinner celebrating the first stage of our trip.

Margaret relaxing with a Chardi

and our yummy dinner at our favourite Sydney restaurant in China Town.

and we enjoyed every bit

After our dinner it was off to our hotel near the airport and then up early to catch our plane to LA.  We had only two hours between our arrival at LAX and our next departure to Atlanta and as we looked at the crowd we got a little worried, you should have seen us running to the plane door, literally!  In a our seats and I was asleep before takeoff and barely woke up as we landed in Atlanta, then off to our next plane taking us to San Antonio and again we just got there in time.  Before we knew it we were at San Antonio and Sherry and Darwin were whisking us away for dinner.

After a day of rest we got to work finishing our pattern and then a day of sightseeing with our wonderful friends, Sherry and Darwin and our lovely new friend Joan.

Joan, Darwin and Sherry

and Margaret and I doing the tourist thing on our rest day before heading off to Houston at 4.30am!

Being tourists

It’s nearly 1.00am now so I best be off to get a few hours sleep.



What have I been up to?

Well it’s been nearly a month since I last posted and the time has flown.  Since then I’ve been to ‘An evening with Mary’ as well as Quilts in the Barn and my local quilt guild, Goldfield Quilters have their exhibition this weekend and I’m just back from our evening opening.

Mary Koval – ‘An evening with Mary’

But back to the end of August when Linda hosted a lovely day for everyone to gather and the centre of attention was the amazing Chester County Criswell Quillt.

One of the fabrics that caught my eye was this lovely one that closely resembles my most favourite Smithsonian green fabric.

So love this fabric

You can see me here getting up close to examine fabric in another gorgeous quilt,

Beautiful seaweed style pattern and that light pink plaid

and check out the gorgeous red in this block

Love a good red

and yet more divine fabrics that I wish someone would reproduce.

Another seaweed pattern fabric

and here is Irene Blanck and Fiona Lindsay, both lovely women and incredible quiltmakers.

Fiona had just finished reprimanding me for not blogging and a lack of photos!

September was somewhat quieter, as Margaret, Irene and I concentrated on finishing the pattern for Harmony Rose, and getting the new website up and running, just!  I’ve barely had time to sew a stitch as I’ve been very busy on the web and graphic design front.  I did have fun designing the pins for QITB.

Before we knew it it was time for the Quilts in the Barn exhibition.  Last year Margaret and I volunteered to help out this year as it’s for such a good cause and of course alot of fun.  Irene wanted to get in on the action and it was road trip time for the three of us.  I spent most of the weekend in the kitchen, which was lots of fun and unusual for me.  And it was the only time I’ve spent stitching in the last month, late at night with the lovely Leonie and Deirdre, the Crow Girls after everyone had gone to bed.

Well its definitely time to go to bed as I have to get up in 2 hours!  Yes Margaret and I are off to Houston Quilt Market and Festival.  I can’t tell you how excited I am.  It’s my first trip overseas and we will be staying in San Antonio with our wonderful friends Sherry and Darwin.

We’ve had a wonderful time working with Marianne Elizabeth’s fabrics for RJR and you can read more about that on Margaret’s post.

and while I’ve been so busy my lovely son has made me meals like this one,

It’s so good to have two sons who are apprentice chefs! I rarely have to cook.

If I don’t get to post again for a little while its cause I’ve ‘Gone to Texas!’